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Dog Walking Accessories

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Dog Walking Accessories

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What Kind of Personalized Pet Products Do You Provide?

Imagine buying your pet beautiful stainless-steel dog tags engraved with their name. At PawFurEver, this is just one of the many personalized pet id tags and customized jewelry you can buy for your pet and have on your doorstep in no time at all thanks to the free shipping (over $49) offered. You can spoil your pets with any of the following great products:

  • A laser-engraved dog tag to show how much you love and appreciate your dogs
  • Unique license dog tags with all the important information about your pet, such as name, address, health issues, special needs, and any other information that you may feel are important to include on pet ID tags
  • Wide range of beautiful, eye-catching, and waterproof dog collar designs that can be made reflective to keep your dog safe on the roads
  • Colorful yet durable leashes to help you keep maximum control of strong and active pets when you take them out for some exercise
  • Beautiful and unique photo pet tags that can come with a wide range of backgrounds from flags, tie-dye, animals, solid colors, and many more
  • Exquisite jewelry, such as pet tags, deep-engraved dog tags, necklaces, or a keychain engraved with your pet's face

Why Do I Need a Waterproof Dog Collar for My Pet?

If you have active dogs that love playing in the water or simply running outside, sooner or later they are going to get wet. While their fur is designed to handle such situations, you will need to invest in waterproof collars for your pets to make sure they resist moisture and the accompanying bacteria that may cause a lot of health issues.

You can order the best quality collar to go with your new tag and PawFurEver's free shipping service will get it delivered to you quickly and easily.

How Long Does It Take To Get a Personalized Pet ID Tag for My Dog?

The entire process from ordering your personalized pet ID tag to getting it delivered through PawFurEver's free shipping service (over $49) should not take more than a few days. Depending on where in the US you are located, you should expect to receive your pet ID tag in three to four days.

Various circumstances may affect the time it takes to receive your ID tags, such as any public holidays between the time of ordering and delivery, or the level of information, detail, and design you wish to include on the ID tags.

What Information Can I Put on a Dog License Tag and Which States Do You Cover?

There is no limit to the information you can choose to include on your license dog tag to keep your pet safe. Most pet parents choose to include the following important information:

  • Full names of pets
  • Address, including the state
  • Phone number of the owner
  • Breed of the dog
  • Pet fur and eye color
  • Sex of the pet
  • Age of the pets

You can also add any other information that you feel may be helpful in case your pets ever go missing, such as whether they are microchipped, who to call when found, and whether any reward is offered for finding them. At PawFurEver, you can get a dog license tag for any of the 50 states in the USA, including Washington DC, so check out the great design we have and order yours for free shipping (over $35) today.

How Much Does a Dog Tag Cost at PawFurEver?

Dog ID tags, licensed pet tags, and similar items for pets have different prices depending on the material and design used for the pet ID tags. There is a wide range of colors and sizes to choose from for your pets that all affect the total cost of the items.

License pet ID tags start from as low as $24.99, while beautifully engraved dog tags will set you back $22.99. The fact that you get free shipping (over $35) for your purchases makes buying pet ID tags from PawFurEver much more affordable that other places.

How Do I Purchase Custom Laser Engraved Dog Tags Online?

When taking steps to keep your pet safe by getting them personalized pet ID tags from PawFurEver, one of the things you will quickly realize is how easy it is to purchase your items from the online store. 

If you are making your first order, you will have to create an account first, which is a very simple process that will not take more than a few minutes of your time. Simply provide the required information, create a password, and that's it!

Once that is done, you can browse the website and choose any of the great products on sale. Create a purchase form by adding the items you want to your cart. When you have all that you need, close form, head to the checkout page, confirm your order and make your payment.

If There Is an Error on My Dog Drivers License Tag, What Do I Do?

While we, at PawFurEver, endeavor to make sure that all the information included on your personalized pet ID tags and dog license tags is accurate, errors may occur. To keep your pet safe, always double-check the information when you receive your items. If you find any errors, PawFurEver has an excellent refund policy that you can use.

The return policy allows you to return the items you are not happy with within 30 days for a full refund. Certain items, such as custom laser IDs for pets and personalized pet ID tags cannot be returned.

Can I Sell Some of Your Dog Tags, License Plates, and Pet ID Tags From My Retail Outlet?

Yes, if you are a retailer interested in joining the PawFurEver family, you can use the wholesale application form on our website. Simply fill in the required details, and indicate the type of store you have and its location. One of our team members will be in touch to help you with your purchase.