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What are Breed Engraved Dog Tags?

Breed Dog Tags are personalized and customizable dog ID tags that allow pet owners to showcase their pet's breed and unique information. Crafted from stainless steel, these custom dog tags serve as both stylish accessories and practical identification for pets.

Where to get Dog Tags?

You can easily order a variety of personalized tags on our website. Explore offerings on a variety of options, including Breed Dog Tags, Engraved Tags, License Tags, QR Dog Tags and many more. Customize your dog's ID tag with a lot of details, ensuring both style and functionality.

Why Are they called Dog Tags?

Dog Tags earned their name from military origins. Initially used for soldiers' identification, these tags were attached to a chain around the neck — much like our pets wear them today. Over time, the term "dog tags" seamlessly transitioned to include our furry friends, emphasizing their role in providing essential information, just as they do for soldiers.

What goes on Dog Tags?

Customized dog tags typically feature essential details such as your pet's name and contact information. Some of PawFurEver's dog tags can have your pet's photo, breed, etc. These personalized dog tags ensure your pet's identification is not only stylish but also informative in case they get lost.

When Were Dog Tags Invented?

Dog tags, originally conceived for military use, trace their roots back to the mid-19th century during the Civil War. Their purpose was to provide a standardized method of identifying soldiers. Over time, this practice extended to the pet world, with Dog Tags adapting the concept for personalized identification and style for your fur babt.